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Many of you are already consuming in an increasingly responsible and supportive manner… You can now pay responsibly!

It's easy, free... and it will change the world.

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Download the Retreeb App and create your account.

Choose the project that Retreeb financially supports, without it costing you a single penny.

Simply shop at the Retreeb network shops with your App.

Contribute to the financing of responsible and solidarity projects for free.

Retreeb will redistribute 33% of the network commissions charged to the merchant for each purchase to the projects you choose.

It's simple, effective… and it doesn't cost anything to the Retreebers.

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Follow up our positive impact

All Retreebers can see on the app the realization and impact of the projects that Retreeb has financed.

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Help to grow the Retreeber community.

The more people we have, the more effective we will be.

Tell your friends, family and your favorite merchants about retreeb, convince them to make the switch to the committed and responsible payment and refer them.

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