What makes Retreeb different from other payment services ?

For each transaction we distribute 33% of our revenue to fund CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives, that you choose. We want to model impactful change in the financial industry.

How much does it cost to use the App ?

It is Totally free.

Which documents/information do I need to register ?

When registering, you do not need to submit any documents. However, to transfer or add funds to your account, you will need a document to prove your identity.

How can I make a transaction ? 

Launch your Retreeb app and scan the retailer's QR code

How do I find the retreeb network retailers around me ? 

Launch your application and open the location map

How do I add Treeb to my account ? 

To add Treeb to your account, just select the (+/-) icon and choose "Add funds to the app". You can only exchange treebs with euros in your wallet.

How do I transfer my funds to a bank account ?

In the application, select the (+/-) icon and choose "withdraw to your bank".

How to send money to a friend ?

In the application, press the "scan" button, once the window opens, select the "transfer" option. Then enter the phone number of your friend and enter the amount

How soon will my friend receive the money ?

The transaction is instant. As soon as the transaction is validated, your friend receives the money on his account.

Can I send money to a friend who does not have Retreeb ?

No. Your friend must be a Retreeber to receive your money transfer (he has to download the app).

I sent money to the wrong number.

During the transaction steps, make sure to enter your friend’s phone number correctly. You will be reminded of this phone number at each step of the transaction process so that you can keep an eye on it and make sure it’s correct.

Once the money is sent, you can’t claim it back.

My friend did not receive the money sent.

Please contact the customer support team.

How do I select my project / association on the application ?

In the mobile app, select the tab with the ❤️ icon and then browse the projects. Tap on the project you want to choose and confirm your choice.

How to giveback to an association in Retreeb ?

Givebacks are made automatically once you have selected the association on the App gallery. They will be rewarded with every purchase you make.

Forgot your Retreeb password: How to restore it ?

If you have forgotten your Retreeb password, click on "forgotten password", in the login page. A reset email will be sent to the email address you registered with.

My account has been blocked for security reasons, how do I unblock it ?

You need to contact Retreeb's customer support

How to refer a friend ?

To do this, all you need to do is to share your referral link with your friend so they can create their account.

Once your friend has made his first payment with the app you will both earn a voucher.

What is the Retreeb Referral program ?

The referral program is a win/win system, for both parties. Both of you receive a 10€ voucher, but the referrer also participates in a lottery where he can win from 10€ to 90€.

I referred a friend, but I haven’t received my voucher.

Please make sure your friend applied your code when he/she created their account.
If it’s the case, then please check that your friend made his first payment with the Retreeb App. If both of these conditions are met then please contact our customer support.

I was unable to add a referral voucher.

Did you enter a valid referral code? If so, please contact us.

Create and activate your account: How to create a Retreeb Business account ?

In order to create your Retreeb Business account, you must download the “Retreeb for Business” application.

Then, fill in the following fields and make sure that the first and last name of the person who creates the account is the manager of the company. This is requested for a consistency with the sending of your KBIS which must be in the name of the company and director.

Once the fields are filled, an email will be sent to you so that you can confirm your account.

What documents do I need to send to validate the opening of my account ?

You must provide all the supporting documents that a KYB (Know Your Business) requires. That is to say a KBIS of less than 3 months with the name of the user (name of the manager) as well as the SIREN number of the company.

How do I get my revenues back into my account ?

A transfer of your balance will be automatically sent to your account after 72 hours.

However, you can make a request to have your earnings transferred to your account. Go to the "balance and transfer" section and select "transfer to my account" your current balance.

How long does it take for my income to appear in my bank account ?

The transaction is instantaneous, the delay will depend on your bank. It can take between 1 to 3 business days before you see the money in your bank account.

I have several employees, can i add multiple EPTs ?

Go to the "my business" tab and select "employees and terminals", from this interface you will be able to add and assign different “cash registers” to each one of your employees.

What does the employee need to do once added to the account ?

He needs to download the Retreeb Business application using the link sent by the manager.

Is it possible to limit the employees' access ?

In our application this action is set by default. Employees will not be able to access sensitive info or data.

Can I delete an employee from Retreeb account ?

Yes, you can delete an employee from your Retreeb account.

Can I export the list of employees ?

This is not possible for the moment.

Do I receive an email after the payment ?

Yes, an email will be sent to the address linked to your account.

How can I use Retreeb in my business?

You can install the application and start cashing out your customers in less than 2 minutes.

I am an association, what should I do to join Retreeb ?

To apply to Retreeb, go directly to the website, to the following page: https://www.retreeb.com/fr/ethical-projects and submit your project.

It will be analyzed by the Retreeb team and you will then be contacted. If your project is approved by the committee, it will be integrated and visible on the application, in our project gallery. The Retreebers will then be able to select your cause for funding.

How long does my association remain available on the Retreeb application ?

The project will be on the application while it is being funded. Once the project is funded, it will still be visible in the application in the "funded projects" tab. It will then be replaced by a new project.

What are the requirements to be a member of Retreeb associations ?

To be pre-selected in the Retreeb associations, you must meet certain requirements:
- Be a non-profit association
- Have societal, climate, environmental or food projects to finance.
- Be of general interest or public utility
- Have a project at the local level.


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