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Solidarity : Retreeb's Impact in Tours

Solidarity : Retreeb's Impact in Tours
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November 2023

The revolution of responsible and engaged payments

In the picturesque city of Tours, a silent yet powerful revolution is underway. The responsible payment application, Retreeb, has captured the hearts of merchants and citizens, giving rise to an unprecedented movement of social and environmental engagement. With already 85 merchants on board and over 1,500 enthusiastic users, Retreeb stands out as a model of success in the region.

Supporting local merchants, supporting the community

The essence of Retreeb lies in its commitment to the local community and the economic fabric of Tours. Recognizing the profound impact that small businesses have on the vibrancy and diversity of the city, the founders of Retreeb have created a platform that goes beyond simple transactions. By redirecting 33% of the fees collected from merchants to associations with social and environmental projects chosen by users, Retreeb is redefining the meaning of payment.

Each of the 85 local businesses that has adopted Retreeb is not merely offering a product or service, but becoming an engaged partner in the social fabric of Tours. It's a partnership where each transaction becomes an act of solidarity, strengthening the bonds between merchants and citizens and creating a more supportive economic ecosystem.

Enrollment for transformation

The growing enrollment in Retreeb among the citizens of Tours is tangible proof of the power of collective engagement. With over 1,500 registered users, the solution is attracting an increasing number of individuals who share a common vision : a fairer and more sustainable future. Each registration becomes a drop in the pool of social transformation, with each user becoming a driver of change simply by using the application.

The snowball effect of this enrollment cannot be ignored. Each new user signifies not only an increase in transactions via Retreeb but also an expansion of collective awareness for more responsible and supportive way of life.

"Solidarity Luggage" : The power of collaboration

Among the remarkable achievements of Retreeb in Tours, the funding of the "Solidarity luggage" by the La Barque association stands out. This initiative embodies the power of collaboration between merchants, users, and local associations. Thanks to the funds generated through transactions made via Retreeb, the "Solidarity Luggage" can provide essential support to vulnerable individuals in the community. This demonstrates that even seemingly small actions have the potential to catalyze significant positive change.

"Mobility for all" project : Concrete support from Retreeb and Utopia 56

The "Mobility for All" project, supported by Retreeb in partnership with Utopia 56, addresses the mobility challenges face by vulnerable individuals and refugees in Tours. Retreeb is providing financial support to offer accessible transportation solutions, thereby enhancing the quality of life for those who need it most. This partnership underscores the significance of tangible actions to create a positive impact, while reflecting Retreeb's social responsibility and its commitment to making a meaningful difference in individual's lives. The "Mobility for all" project illustrates how solidarity can be put into action to build a more inclusive and compassionate world, with a small gesture capable of generating a wave of hope and positive change for those in need.

Signature of Tours'BDEs : Embracing commitment

The Retreeb movement in Tours goes beyond the realm of commercial transactions. The Student Councils  of Tours have also recognized the importance of this initiative and chosen to actively participate (Among them : GEA, Medecine, Polytech, School of Midwifery). Their involvement in Retreeb underscores the growing influence of the solution, showing that the local youth are ready to take responsibility in shaping a better future.

The Student Councils of Tours are not mere signatories, they are ambassadors of change, inspiring other groups and individuals to follow their example and contribute to the construction of a more united and engaged society.

Partnerships with the City of Tours "Solidarity Merchants Network"

Retreeb joins the "Solidarity Merchants Network" program, an innovative initiative launched by the city of Tours. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in Retreeb's ongoing commitment to the local community and strengthens its position as key player in social and environmental transformation in Tours.

This visionary program aims to recognize and celebrate merchants who actively engage in concrete actions for social and environmental causes. Merchants who join this network commit to meeting rigorous criteria, demonstrating their determination to create a positive impact within the city.

Among the social and environmental engagement criteria highlighted by the program are inspiring initiatives such as :

  1. Phenix : Fighting against waste, Phenix strives to reduce food waste by redistributing surplus food products to those in need.
  2. Opération Angerla : This courageous initiative fights against street harassment and promotes a safer urban environment for all. By collaborating with Opération Angela, Retreeb demonstrates its commitment to community safety and well-being.
  3. Heoh : Facilitating donation collections through bank terminals, Heoh simplifies the process of generosity and mutual assistance. Its integration into the network underscores the importance of facilitating donations and the positive impact that results.
  4. Le Carillon : Promoting inclusive hospitality, Le Carillon enables merchants to contribute to the dignity of people in precarious situations. This inclusion highlights the significance of solidarity and mutual support within the community.
  5. Retreeb : Retreeb brings a unique dimension with its responsible and supportive payment application. Retreeb redistributes 33% of transaction fees collected from merchants to social and environmental projects

This partnership between Retreeb and the city of Tours illustrates the importance of thinking globally while acting locally. It reflects the synergy between private initiatives and municipal objectives in creating an environment where each stakeholder contributes to positive change. By aligning with the "Solidarity Merchants Network", Retreeb strengthens its role as a driver of social transformation in Tours, while inspiring other business to join this collective quest for a better future.

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