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Retreeb: revolutionizing social engagement through payments

Retreeb: revolutionizing social engagement through payments
Published on
November 2023

In an era where social and environmental concerns are at the heart of global discussions, it's imperative to rethink our approach to consumption and how we interact with the world around us. It's in this spirit that Retreeb, a responsible payment application, emerges with an innovative fees to local, environmental, and social associations, Retreeb empowers users to actively contribute to causes they care about with every purchase they make.

A new dimension of generosity

Simply settling your purchase can now have a significant impact through Retreeb. This app transforms each transaction into an opportunity to donate while paying to organizations engaged in local, environmental, and social initiatives. Whether you're buying a coffee, clothes, or groceries, each payment becomes an act of generosity, reinforcing the link between consumption and social responsibility.

The power of small gestures

What sets Retreeb apart is its ability to amplify everyday small gestures. By donating while paying, users contribute to funding local projects that can have a lasting impact on their community. Whether it's renovating a school, organizing awareness workshops, or supporting those in need, each contribution, no matter how modest, plays a role in building a better future.

Commitment to local causes

One of the fundamental pillars of Retreeb is its commitment to local causes. The funds collected from transaction fees are reinvested in projects that have a direct impact on communities. This helps strengthen the social fabric, improve living conditions, and foster local economic development. Retreeb users become engines of change in their own neighborhoods.

Supporting sustainability for a better future

The global environmental crisis demands concrete actions to preserve our planet. Retreeb incorporates this concern by allocating a portion of donations to environmental intiatives. From reforestation to protecting local flora and fauna, to promoting renewable energies, users who donate while paying actively contribute to building a sustainable future.

Personalizing engagement

Each individual has causes close to their heart. Retreeb acknowledges this diversity of interests by allowing users to personalize their engagement. By choosing specific areas to direct their donations, users become more invested and connected to the projects they support. This personalization strengthens the sense of belonging to a committed community.

Personalized contribution tracking

An innovative feature of Retreeb allows users to closely monitor the impact of their contributions. Within the app, they can choose which association they want to fund with each transaction. Moreover, they can track the progress of funding for each project and the community's overall contribution. This transparency strengthens the bond between users and the projects they support, creating a more immersive and enriching experience.

Retreeb in Tours : tangible impact

The Retreeb app has already made significant strides in achieving its mission. In Tours, it's already established with over 80 partner merchants and a community of 1500 engaged users. This local presence has enabled Retreeb to fund two impactful projects : the "solidarity luggage" initiated by the "La Barque" community café and the "Mobility for All" project led by the "Utopia 56" association. These initiatives showcase Retreeb's concrete impact in a supporting local and social causes.

Retreeb in Angers : expanding implementation

Building on its success in Tours, Retreeb is set to launch in Angers to expand its positive impact. With a model that combines generosity and responsibility, Retreb offers Angevins the opportunity to make a difference in their community while carrying out their daily purchases. The platform is committed to continuing to fund local projects and strengthening Angers'social fabric.

Redefining the relationship with money

Retreeb goes beyond the simple act of spending money. It redefines our relationship with money by giving it a deeper, more altruistic purpose. Each transaction becomes an opportunity to express our values and create a positive impact. This approach transforms payment into an emotional and engaging experience, strengthening our connection with the world around us.

Donating while paying with Retreeb transcends the boundaries of a mere financial transaction. It embodies the power of generosity and daily engagement. By reallocating a portion of transaction fees to local, environmental, and social causes, Retreeb places users at the heart of a movement for positive change. Each purchase becomes an opportunity to leave a meaningful mark on our society and our planet. Join the generosity revolution with Retreeb and discover how every payment can make a tangible difference; Track the progress of our contributions and engage more deeply with the projects you support through the Retreeb app.

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