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Retreeb x Itinerant merchants

Retreeb x Itinerant merchants
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December 2022

Many players are developing or launching themselves on the payment market. However, almost all of them rely on the Visa and Mastercard networks. With the growth of the market and the gradual disappearence of liquidity, more and more alternatives systems are abandoning these traditional, efficient but aging networks and are now able to replace them.
This is the case of the Retreeb network. By replacing them, an alternative network replaces the bank intermediation in the card transaction, and thus their interchange fees or any other associated charges.

Retreeb payment solution

The Retreeb solution is a disinter-mediate means of payment that is free of interbank commissions. Through its economic model as well as its technical infrastructure, we are opting for unprecedented transparency in a particularly opaque sector.

We do this first by removing the famous middlemen like Visa, Mastercard, and corporate banks - in short, major actor that factor into the asymmetries between social responsibility and global impact. Second, we distribute 33% of our revenue to fund CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives.

How does it work

  • Less middlemen, cheaper, more sharing. We won't be replacing the credit card tomorrow, but together we can make this world a better place while allowing you to save money.
  • Each QR code payment made with Retreeb is recorded on the blockchain in a tamper-proof and secure way.
  • Every 72 hours or upon request in the app, you receive an automatic of your cash balance. A guaranteed operation thanks to our banking partner.
  • Retreeb's commissions are transparent and one third is automatically donated as giveback to finance solidarity projects. Projects that are selected by your customers.

Using Retreeb allows you to increase your visibility to our consumers. It also allows you to show your CSR commitments to an aware audience.

Retreeb x Itinerant merchants

How much does it cost ?

The transaction fee for itinerant merchant is 1,5%

You will have :

  • No subscription.
  • No fixed charge.
  • No useless paper.

There are no hidden fees and we advocate 100% transparency. In addition you can have multiple payment terminal and it's fall free.

Why should I use Retreeb as an itinerant merchant ?

With the Retreeb application, you will be able to save time on the checkout process. You juste have to show your QR code to the customers, they scan it and that's all ! In addition to be easy to use, the application finances CSR causes.

Join the Retreeb network

Download the Retreeb Business application now and start the Retreeb Business experience ! Be a part of the growing movement to create a more redistributive and sustanaible world.

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Download the app
by scanning the QR code

Download the app
by scanning the QR code

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