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Retreeb x Association

Retreeb x Association
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December 2022

Retreeb is a new payment solution which has been created with the purpose to contribute for the sustainable consumption through the payment action.
This new payment method allows for a virtuous economy that redistributes a percentage of transactions to social and environmental causes.

How does Retreeb work ?

The Retreeb solution is a disinter-mediate means of payment that is free of interbank commissions. Through its economic model as well as its technical infrastructure, we are opting for unprecedented transparency in a particularly opaque sector.

We do this first by removing the famous middlemen like, Visa, Mastercard, and corporate banks - in short, major actors that factor into the asymmetries between social responsibility and global impact. Second, we distribute 33% of our revenue to fund CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. We want to model impactful change in the financial industry.

This means that each user of Retreeb contributes to support an association by the action of paying with Retreeb solution.

What type of associations are allowed on the Retreeb application ?

Only non-profit associations, NGOs or local authorities with projects focused on environmental or social causes are eligible for funding. It is also significant to be registered as a general interest association or public utility.

  • Projects must have specific goals that can be measured and budgeted for.
  • Project achievement must offer an added value for the territory of intervention and the benefited populations.
  • Project must be transparent to the community.

How to submit my project ?

In order to submit your project to the Retreeb team, simply fill in the form on the ethical project page.

How does the onboarding process work ?

1 - Fill in the form on our page

2 - Then you will be contact by our team (phone or video conference)

3 - We will ask you to send us the documents and informations we need.

4 - Your project will be submitted to the committee

5 - Your project will be added to the Retreeb projects gallery, in-App

6 - Retreebers will then be able to choose your project and start financing your cause.

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Download the app
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Download the app
by scanning the QR code

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