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Precious plastic Charity - Recycling smartly

Precious plastic Charity - Recycling smartly
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July 2023

What's Precious Plastic Charity ?

Initially, Christophe Lejarre, a father, wanted to recycle his children's toys, plastic toys that are fragile and outdated and eventually end up being forgotten in a corner or thrown away to be buried or incinerated. He then carries out tests with the objective of reusing this material to make something else; during these tests he experiences several failures before discovering the Dutch concept, Precious Plastic which provides free tools to recycle plastic. Conquered, he joined their community and gave himself the mission to develop this concept in Touraine, by federating a collective around him in order to collectively identify solutions to plastic pollution.

Key figures :

  • 20 volunteers including 10 actives ones.
  • More than 100 members since 2021

Goals :

  • Recycle up to 25 tons per year by early 2026.
  • To train 10 people through insertion by 2026.

The main mission of the Precious Plastic charity ?

  • The charity advocates social and environmental values summarized in three words : sharing, transparency, creativity.

Precious Plastic Touraine's mission is to reduce plastic pollution on the territory through the transmission of knowledge and the manufacturing of well designed, sustainable and desirable objects. This translates into various actions below, such as :

  • Prevention activities : awareness actions for all audiences to understand what plastic is, to question its consumption, its impacts and to highlight solutions for these impact.
  • Collecting activities : identify and collect plastic waste from the territory that is currently destined for landfill or incineration.
  • Design and manufacturing activities : design, manufacture and sell sustainable objects from collected plastic waste.
  • Support for circular economy project leaders : provision of an office and machines / assistance in defining strategy / networking and support for design creation / assistance in finding funding /create educational tools / welcoming people in difficulty : young people from the ITEP* on the integration site for example/ hosting events on the subject of the circular economy.
Event organized by Precious Plastic in a highschool

What if "Le Cyclomorf" was the next project, 100% financed by Retreeb thanks to you ?

Precious Plastic regularly welcomes the public in its Metamorf Workshops. But to fulfill in its mission, the charity thinks that it should do more by going in direct contact with the citizens : on their workplace, during public events, in schools etc... Precious Plastic already carries out some interventions, but is quickly limited by the logistics and the environmental impact of its trips. The purpose of this project is to develop an outreach activity for all audiences, based on a mobile workshop : the Cyclomorf.

The Cyclomorf is a towed bicycle carrying educational materials as well as mini-machines allowing a person from 6 to 77 years old to transform this waster into a concret object, like a top for example.

  • This off-site activity is for everyone without distinction. However, a strong emphasis will be put on the young generations who represent a strong stake in the fight against plastic pollution. To ensure the sustainability of this activity, some interventions (in companies or public entities) will be invoiced so that some of the funds collected can make this activity accessible during unpaid public events or for small structures (associations for people in vulnerable situations)
  • The activity will take place mainly in Tours but occasionally interventions outside the department will take place. On the other hand, the tools developed within the framework of this activity, both pedagogical and material, will be made available to other territories in the future.

Retreeb's word

We think that Precious Plastic's initiative is innovative because it allows to recycle plastic as much as possible but in a more modern way by creating useful and well designed objects. Besides, the charity participates in awareness raising actions but also in reinsertion. The Cyclomorf project aims to raise awareness among the greatest number of people, through the ingenious idea of a mobile workshop. From the youngest to the oldest, it is a playful activity that allows to understand this material while learning more about its ecological impact. Retreeb acts by financing partialy the Cyclomorf.

Want to know more about the action of "Precious Plastic" ?

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