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Join Retreeb: 5 reasons for merchants

Join Retreeb: 5 reasons for merchants
Published on
November 2023

In an ever-evolving world, businesses have a crucial role to play in shaping a sustainable and responsible future. It is within this perspective that Retreeb, the innovative mobile payment application, was created. As a merchant, becoming a part of the Retreeb community can not only transform your business model but also actively enable you to contribute to meaningful causes. This article highlights five compelling reasons why you should consider being a part of this revolution.

Support impactful causes

Becoming a Retreeb merchant goes beyond using a payment solution, it means becoming a champion of positive change. Retreeb proudly allocates 33% of its collected fees to associations dedicated to critical environmental and societal causes. Unlike many generic philanthropic initiatives, Retreeb focuses on causes that have a direct and tangible impact on your immediate environment. This approach creates an immensely concrete and personal dimension to every payment made by your customers.

When you partner with Retreeb, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to local associations dedicated to essential environmental and societal causes. These associations work on issues directly affecting your community, such as safeguarding the local environment, supporting education for disadvantaged youth in your region, combating plastic pollution, and much more.

This local connection adds a profound sens of responsibility and commitment to your business. You become an active participant in improving your immediate environment and your customers can take pride in contributing to these impactful causes with each purchases made at your establishment. This fosters a sense of solidarity between you, your customers, and local associations, thereby enhancing trust and customer loyalty.

Expand you reach and customer base

The success and impact of Retreeb continue to grow, and we are proud to announce our expanding presence in new regions. Currently, Retreeb has extended its acceptance network to the cities of Tours and Angers, marking a significant step in our mission to foster a sustainable and responsible future.

With over 2000 user application downloads and nearly 300 downloads from merchant partners, the Retreeb community is steadily growing. This growth reflects the increasing appeal of our innovative solution to environmentally-conscious consumers and merchants eager to actively promote positive change.

By joining Retreeb as a merchant, you become part of an ever-expanding network, connecting businesses that share common value across increasingly diverse regions. This continuous growth enhances your business's visibility and enables you to reach new audiences sensitive to environmental and social issues.

With a growing presence at Tours and Angers in France, and a network of users and merchants rapidly expanding, Retreeb is quickly becoming a major player in promoting social and environmental innovation. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution and play an essential role in creating a better future for generations to come.

Save on transaction fees

When considering becoming a part of Retreeb community as a merchant, it's essential to understand the tangible financial benefits our solution can offer your business. Retreeb stands out with its simple, cost-effective, and transparent payment solution designed to meet merchant needs while enabling them to contribute to impactful causes.

Competitive transaction fees

Retreeb's transaction fees are among the most competitive in the market, ranging between 0,9% and 1,5%. This favorable pricing helps reduce operational costs while leveraging the features and visibility offered by the solution. Unlike other payment solutions that may impose excessive fees, Retreeb is committed to providing an economical and advantageous option for merchants.

No special hardware required

Another distinctive feature of Retreeb is that no specific hardware is needed to start accepting payments. You don't require expensive consumables or an electronic payment terminal (ETFPOS). All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. This simplicity further reduces costs and the hassle associated with implementing traditional payment solutions.

Transparency and no hidden fees

At Retreeb, we believe in complete cost transparency. That's why our application is commitment-free and free of hidden fees. You won't need to worry about additional charges or unexpected costs that could impact your profit margins. Our commitment to financial clarity empowers you to manage your finances confidently and make informed decisions for your business. By opting for Retreeb, you choose a payment solution that combines competitive pricing with exceptional user-friendliness. Competitive transaction fees, no special hardware requirements, and financial transparency make Retreeb an attractive option for savvy merchants seeking to optimize operations while contributing to impactful causes.

Access to an innovative solution

By joining Retreeb, you enter an era of possibilities. The evolving solution offers a seamless and modern user experience, making transactions easy for your customers. Moreover, Retreeb's ongoing commitment to innovation means you'll be among the first to benefit from future developments, such as new innovative payment methods and sustainability-focuses features. Being a Retreeb merchant means embracing the future while providing your customers with an exceptional experience.

Enhance your reputation as an engaged enterprise

In an increasingly socially responsible business landscape, being associated with Retreeb enhances your company's credibility and commitment. Your active support significant causes make you a natural choice for conscientious consumers. This positive affiliation can not only retain your existing customers but also attract new advocates who value businesses contributing through Retreeb, you create synergy between your business objectives and the positive impact you have on society.

  • Local engagement : Being a part of Retreeb affirms your commitment to your local community. Your support for impactful causes directly contributes to improving the lives of residents in your region. You become an active agent of change, participating in projects and initiatives with a tangible impact on your immediate environment. This proximity fosters a deeper and more authentic relationship with your customers, strengthening trust and loyalty.
  • Environmental engagement : Environmental stewardship lies at the heart of Retreeb's mission. We support associations dedicated to the environment. Joining Retreeb makes you proactive in the fight against pollution, the preservation of biodiversity, and the promotion of sustainable practices. As an engaged enterprise, you set an example and inspire others to adopt responsible behaviors.
  • Social engagement : Social commitment is an integral part of Retreeb's DNA. By joining Retreeb, you contribue to improving the living conditions of vulnerable groups and promoting equal opportunities. This makes you a positive force for change in society.

Becoming a part of the Retreeb community as a merchant goes beyond the traditional benefits of a payment solution. It's an opportunity to align with a movement of responsible growth and change. By supporting impactful causes, increasing your visibility, optimizing transaction costs, accessing innovation, and enhancing your reputation, you shape a sustainable future for your business and the planet. Don't let this opportunity slip away. Join Retreeb today and be the forefront of positive transformation.

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