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How can I help associations as a volunteer ?

How can I help associations as a volunteer ?
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January 2023

Nowadays, we have many ways to help our neighbor. Wether it is financially or by giving our time to associations. The easiest way to help is to make financial or material donations to associations. This way, we don't have to change our schedule. However, the associations are not 100% transparent about financing of the projects. This is why giving your time is a good alternative, but you must be able to adjust your schedule accordingly. In this article, we will introduce several ways to support voluntary associations.

What is volunteering ?

A volunteer is a person who freely commits to carry out an unpaid action in the benefit of others, outside of their work time and family environment. It is therefore a freely given and free gift of self.

Volunteering, in all its forms, allows you to fight against inequalities, to participate in the improvement of society, to feel useful to society, to create relationships with other volunteers or with people in need, to update your knowledge.Despite what it may seem, we receive more than we give. All volunteers can testify to this.

How can I help associations as a volunteer ?

By giving your time as a volunteer

There are plenty of associations where you can volunteer by simply giving your time.

If you search on the internet for associations close to you, you will find a multitude of them and for different causes. You can help animal shelters, help the homeless or people in need. You can also find associations to clean up places or to give time to sick children. Giving your time can also take all forms. You can work with the association one day a week as well as 1 hour or in a very punctual way.

By giving goods to associations

You can also donate goods to associations. Some associations ask for non-perishable goods in front of supermarkets to be able to feed the most needy. When you do your shopping, you can also buy some extra items to give them, or even bring back food that you are not going to consume.

You can also give clothes in good condition that you no longer wear to associations. These associations will make clothes available to the most needy so that they can get dressed for free. All ideas mentioned above are not exhaustive. There is a very large panel of action by association. You will be able to find your happiness if you decide to give your time as a volunteer.

What if I can't give my time ?

You can focus on the monetary donation

If you do not wish to volunteer, by lack of time or other reasons, but still want to contribute to the development and actions of associations, you can donate an amount every month to the association that you care about.

There are many associations where you can give a monthly donation. In this case, you are assured of supporting your cause every month without having to do more.

Financial donations have their limits

Donating to associations has its limits. Indeed, this approach is led by a good intention. However, we do not have sufficient transparency with many large associations on what they fund with donations. The label "Don en confiance" (A french label) was created in 1989 to compensate for this lack of transparency. Indeed, the Charter Committee of the "Don en confiance" is created by large associations and foundations in order to "preserve and develop a relationship of trust with their donors".

This organization grants the Don en Confiance label to associations that request it after having checked that they respect its ethical charter on financial transparency. At the end of 2020, the Don en confiance label was awarded to 94 associations and foundations. Since 2005, another label coexists with the Don en confiance, the one delivered by Idéas.

What if I can't afford to make a financial donation ? Then Retreeb is the solution !

The first 100% ethical payment Retreeb.

The payment solution aims to counter the payment system established in our societies. Indeed, payment industry is getting rich without redistributing. Our slogan is "make profit as much as possible to share". That is, make as much profit as possible to share. The payment solution donates 33% of the transaction fees to associations chosen by the users of this solution. It allows you to participate in the development of associations without it costing you a penny or you free time. It offers a great alternative for people who wan to help associations that do not have the means to do so physically or financially.

How does the payment solution work ?

To be part of the Retreeb community, you just have to download the application, create your account, choose your association and start the adventure ! Find the merchants near you thanks to the map integrated in the application and pay at them. With each purchase, 33% of the transaction fees will be donated to the association you have selected.

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