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Black Friday 2023 : A guide to eco-friendly shopping

Black Friday 2023 : A guide to eco-friendly shopping
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November 2023

Black Friday, a day synonymous with commercial frenzy and enticing promotions, is increasingly under scrutiny for its considerable environmental impact. In the year 2023, as consumers prepare to dive into the excitement of tempting offers, it is crucial to take a moment to reflect on the ecological footprint of this shopping tradition. Welcome to our practical guide for an eco-friendly and responsible Black Friday in 2023, where we will explore the alarming figures regarding the carbon footprint of Black Friday, the environmental consequences of impulsive purchases, and, most importantly, concrete solutions to adopt a more sustainable approach this holiday season.

As statistics reveal the extent of the environmental challenge posed by Black Friday, this guide aims to be resource for those wishing to align their purchasing choices with sustainability values. Follow us through the article to discover how you can contribute to making Black Friday not only beneficial for your waller but also for our planet. Ready to shop more consciously dans responsibility. Let's embark together on a Black Friday that leaves a positive impact.

Understanding the environmental impact of Black Friday

The numbers speak volumes : every year, Black Friday generates billions of dollars in sales, but it also leaves a considerable carbon footprint. In 2018 by itself, Amazon's storage activity reportedly generated 55.8 million tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to the emissions of Portugal. It is crucial to be aware of these alarming figures to fully understand the environmental impact of our actions during this period.

Every click, every impulsive Black Friday purchase is more than acquiring a product. It triggers a chain of events that directly impact our environment and contribute to climate change.

Unbridled production : Massive promotions encourage companies to intensify production to meet explosive demand. This leads to increased use of natural resources, overproduction of often non-durable goods, and significant greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.
Intensive transportation : The Black Friday shopping frenzy requires an extensive transport network to deliver products from warehouses to consumers. Thousands of trucks, planes, and ships are mobilised, contributing to waste and pollution. Much of this packaging may not be recycled, adding to the environmental burden.
Planned obsolescence : The Black Friday rush also encourages overconsumption and impulsive purchases of products that can quickly become obsolete. This planned obsolescence accelerates the product lifecycle, leading to increased production and more complex waste management.
Waste management : The aftermath of Black Friday sees a significant increase in returns of unwanted products. Managing these returns generates additional waste, and many returned items may never be sold, often ending up in landfills.

By understanding these mechanisms, it becomes clear that our Black Friday purchasing choices have profound repercussions on our planet. However, this awareness also opens the door to positive changes. In impact while taking advantage of shopping opportunities during this period.

Tips for responsible shopping

In a world where the abundance of choices can sometimes feel overwhelming, the next section focuses on how we can exercise our power as consumers to make informed and sustainable choices, even during the tumult of Black Friday.

Informed choices : How to select sustainable products during Black Friday

Black Friday does not necessarily require sacrificing sustainability for good deals. Faced with a multitude of offers, prioritising durable and ethical products becomes a winning strategy. Explore environmental certifications, ethical labels, and favour brands that demonstrate complete transparency in their production practices. In 2023, the growing awareness of the environmental impact of purchases is influencing more brands to commit to sustainable practices.

Reduce, reuse, recycle : Key principles of responsible consumption

Reducing unnecessary consumption, reusing as much as possible, and recycling appropriately are fundamental pillars of responsible consumption. During Black Friday, this can translate into choices such as favouring items with extended lifespans, opting for refurbished products, and ensuring proper recycling systems for packaging. These principles not only contribute to reducing the carbon footprint but also promote a more sustainable long-term lifestyle.

In 2019, returns of products purchased during Black Friday represented 20% of traffic and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions related to e-commerce activities. Overall, heavy-duty vehicles alone account for 40% of the CO2 generated by road transport, according to the Ademe. This statistic underscores the crucial importance of making thoughtful choices from the start, minimizing the need for returns, and contributing to the reduction greenhouse gas emissions.

Retreeb : Paying responsibly during Black Friday

Integrating Retreeb, a responsible payment application, into your shopping approach can have a significant impact on supporting local businesses. Retreeb stands out as an advocate for responsible and solidarity-based consumption. Here's how using Retreeb can contribute to supporting local businesses during Black Friday and beyond :

Direct financial support

Retreeb donates 33% of the fees collected to merchants to social and/or environmental projects. By using this payment application, every transaction you make directly contributes to the financial support of local businesses. This means that your purchases have a real impact on the financial health of small businesses in your community.

Encouragement of local consumption

The Retreeb application promotes the idea of "local commerce" by encouraging users to prioritise local businesses. By choosing to use Retreeb for your transactions during Black Friday, you actively participate un preserving and strengthening the economic fabric of your region. This aligns perfectly with supporting small businesses that often struggle to compete with large retailers during this intense shopping period.

Positive environmental impact

By favouring local businesses, you can also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods over long distances. Local businesses are generally supplied locally, limiting emissions related to transportation. By using Retreeb for your purchases, you make an eco-friendly choice that aligns with environmental concerns while supporting local economic actors.

Promotion of ethical consumption

Retreeb is part of an ethical approach by redirecting part of its revenue to associations with social and environmental impact. By choosing this application, you contribute to promoting ethical and responsible consumption, where the act of purchase is associated with values of solidarity, sustainability, and community support.

In summary, using Retreeb during Black Friday beyond is a concrete way to practice responsible consumption by actively supporting local businesses. This goes beyond a simple commercial transaction by adding a social and environmental dimension to your purchases, contributing to the construction of a more ethical and sustainable economy.

Ethical alternatives to traditional Black Friday

The transition from traditional Black Friday to ethical alternatives is a significant step towards more thoughtful consumption.

From Black Friday to Green Friday : Brands making a difference

Green Friday emerges as a positive response to the excesses of Black Friday. It focuses on values such as sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility. We will explore brands that have taken the initiative to adopt sustainable and ethical practices during this period. These pioneering companies understand that sustainability is not just a concept but a true mission integrated into their business model. By highlighting these brands, we will show how Green Friday offers an alternative where consumers can make purchases while supporting environmentally respectful initiatives.

Moving away from overconsumption : Ethical alternatives for your year-end shopping

Black Friday is often synonymous with overconsumption. However, ethical alternatives can break away from this trend. Ideas such as tangible gifts, charitable donations, or local purchases can reduce the environmental impact of our purchases. We will also explore practices such as buying.

Black Friday and local small businesses

It is important to highlight the significance of supporting these businesses that are the lifeblood of our communities.

Supporting local communities : Black Friday's impact on small businesses

Black Friday has often been a challenge for small local businesses struggling to compete with online retail giants. We will tae a close look at how shopping frenzy on this day can negatively influence the sales of neighbourhood businesses. High advertising costs and pressure to offer massive discount can jeopardise the financial viability of these local enterprises. Understanding these challenges allows us to better appreciate the direct impact of our purchasing choices on our neighbourhoods and the people living there.

Local intiatives making Black Friday more human and ecological

However, there are creative local initiatives seeking to restore balance. Campaigns such as "Buy local" encourage consumers to prioritise local businesses. We will also explore examples of sustainable initiatives implemented by small businesses, from creative recycling to ethical promotions. These efforts aim to make Black Friday more human, ecological, and rooted in our communities.

In 2021, in-store spending on Black Friday recorded a 28% decline compared to the years preceding the pandemic. Consumers now opt for a more spread-out distribution of their expenses throughout the season and how an increased preference for online shopping, according to CNBC. This statistic highlights the urgent need to change our shopping habits to ensure the survival of these local businesses that significantly contribute to the local economy and the viability of our neighbourhoods.

Practical tips for a responsible shopping experience

We will provide practical tips to transform your Black Friday shopping experience into ethical and responsible endeavour, while avoiding the pitfalls of overconsumption.

How to plan your purchases for an ethical Black Friday

Planning ahead is key to an ethical Black Friday. Create a list of what you truly need and focus on those items. Prioritise sustainable brands, check their environmental and social policies, and be attentive to ethical certifications. By planning your purchases thoughtfully, you reduce the risks of impulsive buying and promote more conscious consumption.

Avoiding the traps of overconsumption : tips for a responsible shopping experience

The abundance of offers can easily lead to impulsive and excessive purchases. Avoid these traps by setting a clear budget and sticking to it. Prioritise quality over quantity by choosing items that will stand the test of time rather than disposable products. Also, consider the possibility of consolidating your purchases to reduce CO2 emissions associated with delivery. By adopting these practices, you contribute to more responsible consumption and resource preservation.


Black Friday 2023 may have concluded, but its impact on our planet and consumption habits persists. To conclude this guide, we encourage each individual to "close the loop" by adopting a more ecological and responsible approach to Black Friday.

Closing the loop : Embracing an ecological approach to Black Friday in 2023

By revisiting the concepts of sustainability, responsible consumption, and considering statistics emphasising the growing importance of a sustainable Black Friday, we are called to integrate these principles into our shopping habits. Closing the loop means becoming aware of the consequences of our choices, recognising the impact of our actions on the environment, and making informed decisions that contributed to a more sustainable economy.

Towards a more sustainable shopping tradition : conclusion of our 2023 guide

Black Friday can evolve beyond a mere day of frenzied transactions to become a more sustainable shopping tradition. By prioritising durable products, supporting small local businesses, and avoiding overconsumption, we lay the foundation for positive change. This guide has sought to provide information, revenant statistics, and practical advice to inspire a transformation in how we participate in this commercial tradition.

Embracing an ecological approach to Black Friday in 2023 is an act of responsibility towards our planet, local communities, and our own well-being. Every choice matters, every purchase has a consequence, and it is through conscious decision-making that we contribute to building a world where shopping is no longer synonymous with waste but with sustainability.

In conclusion, let's turn to the future with the hope that every upcoming Black Friday is marked by ethical choices, informed consumers, and a shopping tradition that respects our planet and its inhabitants.

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