The means of payment made for your student union !

Application mobile Retreeb


This is the % that Retreeb commissions the student union

without extra cost

Paiement application retreeb

0 subscription,
0 fixed costs,
100% clear !

No middlemen, cheaper, more ethical and cooler!

Together we can make your transactions easier and cheaper!

0,9% commission

0,9% fee for a 10€ basket

0,9% fee for a 50€ basket

1,6% commission

1,6% fee for a 10€ basket

1,6% fee for a 50€ basket


1,9% + 0,10€ commission

2,9% fee for a 10€ basket

2,1% fee for a 50€ basket


An  innovante  app with  student-friendly

Unlimited money transfers between friends

QR code payment

Referral program

Selection of charitable projects supported by the user

Retreeb, is the  payment app
 that’s changing the world.


of our revenue is
redistributed to the ethical
project of your choice !

With each transaction, 33% of the commissions are redistributed to local social and environmental projects !

Make each transaction an ethical and committed act by adopting Retreeb !

Our partnerships SU x Retreeb.

Hoodies, parties, referral and so much more for your student union !

We can change the world, and we can do it with style !

Do we talk about it together ?

They trust us

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